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Easy ways to increase your Veggies!

Did you know that the CDC found that only 9% of the US population eats the recommended amount of vegetables each day?  We understand that it can be difficult, so I want to share 5 easy tips to help you increase your vegetable intake! … Continue Reading “Easy ways to increase your Veggies!”

Does the 80/20 rule actually get you results?

Imagine an eating plan where you can enjoy your favorite, less healthy foods in moderation and still get results! Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight knows how difficult it is to stick to a strict diet. The word “diet” alone makes me feel… Continue Reading “Does the 80/20 rule actually get you results?”

3 reasons your “diet” failed you

Every year millions of people start their weight loss journey which inevitably ends with either getting frustrated seeing no progress OR they lose weight fast to gain it right back! Why does this happen?  Keep reading to find out the top 3 reasons your… Continue Reading “3 reasons your “diet” failed you”

Ditch the all or nothing mindset

Most of us want to tone up, get fit, build muscle, or reach some other health related goal. We get it– your confidence isn’t what it used to be  or you  just want to feel better all round. The problem is we live in… Continue Reading “Ditch the all or nothing mindset”

how much will your habits cost you?!?!

Everything we do today affects us in some way, shape, or form in the future. I think we learned that when we discovered how bad smoking is for us, or when we discovered what carcinogens are, but what about our other choices? We choose… Continue Reading “how much will your habits cost you?!?!”

keeping yourself accountable

For most people, the idea of weight loss comes with an end date. “I just want to lose 20 pounds.” You lose those 20 pounds and then what? You go right back to what you were doing before. In most cases, those 20 pounds… Continue Reading “keeping yourself accountable”

3 reasons why feeling hungry is…… okay!

3 Reasons why feeling hungry is a good thing (and it’s not what you think!) One thing that “diet culture” has taught us is to fear hunger. Whether it is an ad for the latest appetite suppressant, or the readily available snacks to prevent… Continue Reading “3 reasons why feeling hungry is…… okay!”

why is loosing weight so hard?

Why is it SO hard to lose weight? How many times do you ask yourself this question? Anyone with a weight loss goal, who is working hard on establishing healthy habits, and trying to decrease the frequency of making unhealthy choices knows that losing… Continue Reading “why is loosing weight so hard?”

try these 5 tips for boosting your immune system through covid-19

The Coronavirus (COVID19) is here and many people are wondering how to stay healthy. Here are 5 tips to help boost and support a healthy immune system: ExerciseThe key is to get moving, and consistently! Research has found that participants who consistently exercised had… Continue Reading “try these 5 tips for boosting your immune system through covid-19”

5 Tips to avoid the “Quarantine 15”

Do you remember the “Freshman 15”? This is an expression that refers to the average weight gain during the first or freshman year at college. The weight gain is commonly caused by unhealthy food choices, not exercising regularly, late night eating and excessive junk… Continue Reading “5 Tips to avoid the “Quarantine 15””