Life is busy- Self care is a MUST!

So many of our members are parents, life is busy between school/daycare, work, meal prepping, working out, balancing time with family and friends, illness, etc. LIFE IS CRAZY!  But, they continue to take time for self-care and it impresses us every day!  Today we are speaking to YOU, to those of you that are in the same boat!!

You MUST…. I repeat you MUST take time for self care.  Yes, your children are important, yes your job is important, but you cannot pour from an empty cup.  We tend to take on so much, way more than one person should take on and unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day.  Typically when we take on so much we give up our “ME time” the time we use for ourselves. 

Self-care looks different for everyone!  Here is a confession, I don’t like yoga, there I said it, I KNOW it’s good for my body but the pace is just not my style and I have tried so hard to like it.  I have realized I don’t need to like it because I am supposed to, if it doesn’t fill my cup then I don’t need to do it (maybe a future blog post here). I myself really love to visit the salt room a few times a week, I also get a massage once a month, I shoot to workout three times a week and I get 7-8 hours of asleep almost every night., fuel my body with the best choices I can make (most of the time)  These are non-negotiable for me because they help me be a better person! I have not always worked like that!

What helps me fill my cup may not fill yours but what I do know is self-care MUST be a priority. 

Here are some ways to ensure you get some time for self-care:

  • Put some “ME time” on your calendar and say NO to ANYTHING that may come up to steal that time.
  • Learn to say NO

Here are some suggestions on things you can do:

  • Take a lunch, do not work through it
  • Read a book (may I suggest Happiness Project)
  • Go for a walk
  • Put your workouts on your calendar and make sure you get to them
  • Prepare your food at the beginning of the week so you can grab and go and not stress about food.  If you let yourself get hungry you WILL make bad decisions.
  • Organize a room in your home to eliminate some anxiety
  • Schedule a night with friends
  • Go to a movie alone
  • Go grocery shopping alone and stop at a café and crab a coffee drink and read a book along the way
  • Attend yoga
  • Swim some laps
  • Go to the farmers market with a friend
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Bake your favorite cookies
  • Attend a craft event you have wanted to learn

I challenge you to try this, for one month make self-care a PRIORITY, it is a game changer!!

Much Love,

Coach Corissa

Join us for our 28 day nutrition challenge!

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore

Change starts with MOTIVATION, but when that wears off…. what do you have left?  

We have all been there. We make every effort to make nutrition and fitness a priority, then “life happens.” You get busy and all of a sudden, your good habits of meal prepping and setting yourself up for success are gone. You feel like you can never get back on track. So, how do you snap out of it? For most of us, we see a picture and can’t believe it, put on a pair of pants that are a wee-bit uncomfortable. Maybe we had stopped getting on the scale because we didn’t want to face the reality, and when we step back on, we are shocked.

Back to school, sporting events, family vacations, crazy work hours….. It all starts to compile & then you can’t remember the last time you meal prepped.  Which leads to eating out…..  While you can try to eat healthy, we have no control over the preparation methods or portion sizes on our plate. Over time, it all adds up.

No matter how hard you work in the gym, you can’t out-exercise a diet of eating out.

We all have our struggles. How you bounce back dictates how that chapter of your story ends. Maybe it’s a couple months off track, maybe it’s a year or two. No matter how long it’s been, it’s never too late.

Find yourself an accountability partner, come up with a plan, and stick with it. The best advice we can give anyone is to get started doing something that will result in a healthy lifestyle. Maybe that means cutting out the soda, juice, and diet drinks and increasing water consumption. Maybe it looks like bringing your lunch or cutting out the fried foods. Maybe it looks like doubling your vegetable intake with every meal. Whatever it is, make a step today to help you achieve your goals.

Reach out to us, we want to help you!  Whether you join our next nutrition challenge or dive into individual coaching sessions…. we are here for you!  

What are you going to do to achieve your health and fitness goals?

We are launching a Nutrition Challenge on September 30, get signed up TODAY!!!! We’d love to help you achieve your goals! 

Power and Grist CrossFit Kids Room….

We get it!  Parents want to work out, but often times don’t have someone to watch their littles!  We have created a kids area at Power and Grist CrossFit that your kids can enjoy!  It is a separate room with a window and gate.  You can see your kids and they can see you, but they won’t be able to escape into the gym as we’ll be lifting and dropping heavy equipment.  We think it’s equally as important for your children to watch you take care of yourself, we lead by example!

We have some books, trucks, table and chairs, couch, chair, tv, etc.   Please feel free to bring toys that your children love to play with, knowing there might be other kids there… they’ll probably have to share!  We’re a community, sharing is what we do best!  If you have any extra, well-kept toys you’re looking to get rid of; consider donating them to the kids area! 

There are a couple of rules to keep in mind about kids in the Kids’ Room as well as on the main gym floor.

we don’t have a Kids’ Room supervisor or babysitter which means parents are responsible for their kids while they are in the room (and the gym at large), even if it interrupts the parent’s workout.

We also can’t allow kids to play on the main gym floor. While the equipment all looks very inviting (to both children and adults!) it could very easily prove dangerous or cause injury, especially for the very young. There are clamps, straps, bands, and heavy weights that the grown-ups have learned to handle but children have not.

The safety standards you would expect from your community’s playground structures and flooring do not apply here as our gym is not one of those types of environments. Edges can be sharp and the floor is not cushioned (underneath the 3/4″ rubber mat is solid concrete).

Until we introduce a CrossFit Kids class to our program (let us know if you would be interested), we won’t have the capacity to teach general gym safety to children on our gym floor.

Please:  no food/drink/shoes allowed in the kids area.  We want to keep it as clean/stain/crumb free as possible!   Please feed your child a snack before they arrive if it’s around that time of day!

Lastly, we cannot have anyone, adults or children, using equipment on the main gym floor during business hours without having signed a waiver.

Thanks for your help and understanding!

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